Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Report on Madison Conference

Hits the local Wisconsin media. It's an entertaining article, focusing a bit on the paranoia the nutbars feel:

"There are folks out there who will try and discredit you," Von Kleist continued, "and if anybody in this room thinks we don't have infiltrators, well you are probably still waiting for the Easter bunny."

A nervous murmur ran through the audience. "As a matter of fact I know for certain," said Von Kleist, hardening his voice, "that one of them is in this room right now."

And later:

In a hushed meeting in the hallway, Von Kleist and another speaker, Doug Rokke, commiserated as the conference came to a close. "It's just counterproductive," said Von Kleist. "We've only added to the division this weekend."

Rokke, leaning in, expressed his sympathies. "I know what you mean," he said, "and as for the infiltrators, there isn't one." Glancing around, he continued, "There are two."

In fact, they're all infiltrators, as Southpark revealed. Nico Haupt is the only real Truther, the rest of them are FBI/CIA.

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