Monday, August 27, 2007

Pay Attention to Me!

As I have written before, much of the motivation for conspiracy theorists is ego. They are the people with the truth, the answers that nobody else can see. As such, they whine like little children when people won't pay attention to their Messianic wisdom. In a follow-up to the recent (non-existent) Portland nuke scare, by Captain Eric May (he is no longer in, but he keeps on using the title like he is):

Oregonian reporter Joseph Rose contacted me (nearly two weeks after he said he would) for two half-hour interviews. It was apparent that he was trying to gather quotes outlandish enough to justify a hostile article against me for my coverage of Noble Resolve. Not having his facts together -- and frustrated that I did -- he firmly and finally announced that I was an unworthy source and unscrupulous reporter. Considering the source, I was honored, and pleased to have published a short article on his and his paper's ineptitude: "Noble Resolve (Helping The Oregonian Catch Up)"

The Oregonian wasn't alone in the practice of presstitution, though. Portland's ABC, NBC and CBS affiliates kept mum about Noble Resolve for the weeks that viewers were calling their newsrooms asking for details about the growing and disturbing Internet story. In a splendid display of chutzpah, ABC's KATU-2 aired a story Thursday ridiculing the fears of the public they had failed to inform with "Conspiracy theorists claim ONG drill is prelude to Portland attack"

Sorry dude, but there is a guy on 3rd street who keeps on screaming that the world is going to end too, that doesn't mean they have to throw him on the front page of the Oregonian

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