Thursday, August 09, 2007

Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy

Jack Blood, the nom de radio of a 9-11 "Truther" with a far less interesting name, was apparently barred from flying recently. Was he on a no-fly list? Nope.

Today I tried to catch a flight from Austin TX to Atlanta GA and was denied by a chubby Chinese Delta airlines supervisor (I will call him Harry Fong) because I didn't have have a "Government issued ID". I have flown many times in the past without ID, but never on Delta who for whatever reason have a non negotiable policy on flying without ID. Fong seemed a bit too happy about the outcome, and his eyes lit up a little to much when saying "Government Issued ID."

I know, I know you're saying to yourself, how the heck has he flown since 9-11 with some form of ID? I've never tried to get away without it. And anyway, doesn't Jack have a freaking car?