Sunday, August 05, 2007

A V-Tard Lectures Michelle Malkin

Most of it is a fact-free rant, but he does cite Louie Cacchioli, who did indeed get angry about the 9-11 Commission, but is not a "Truther".

Rather than a sleeping America, Louie Cacchioli sees people who are acutely aware of the terrorist threat, ever mindful that it might happen again, anytime, anywhere.

Cacchioli is also angry. He's read the final 9-11 Commission report recently released by the bipartisan National Commission On Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States investigating the lead up to the terrorist attacks. He concludes that people in high places failed him and failed their country when the nation was so stunned and unprepared for a terrorist assault.

The video is remarkable mainly for the fact that the kid fits the stereotype of 9-11 Denier perfectly; in fact at times "Chris" seems like a parody. Angry white male in his late teens, early 20s? Check. Wearing a black shirt? Check. Has V posters and a mask on his wall? Check. "Interesting" hair? Check. Seems a few bezels shy of a diffuser case? Check.

At any rate, we have a new leader in the "9-11 Denier most likely to go postal" category.

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