Tuesday, August 28, 2007

UN Takeover Imminent

Having served in Bosnia I find these Alex Jones type theories that the UN is on the verge of taking over the US and throwing everyone into concentration camps laughable. Despite widespread international support the UN could not even takeover a country of less than 4 million people without their peacekeepers being constantly humiliated, disarmed, and taken hostage, but yet somehow they are going to overthrow the world's greatest military power in secret.

So this thread at the Loose Change Forum had me cracking over its idiocy:

I came across some interesting articles and photos which show that UN forces are gathering in huge numbers in the US, Canada, And Mexico.Should we just wait while they sharpen their knives and oil their guns, or should we be watching them and expecting a confrontation? you tell me.

Let's take a look at some of these pictures:

Huge numbers? As far as I can tell there are 6 Humvees. That is a platoon. With that many troops you could occupy about one block in Texas... tenuously.

We're going to party like it's 1997!

Here we are now back to 1995, apparently it took the UN 2 years to bring the other truck of Humvees over the border...

The UN has Soviet Scud missiles, who knew?

Oh no, they have a bus! Where is the short bus for all the truthers?!

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