Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Troofer View of America

Bob Bowman gives a fictional post-impeachment State of the Union address, revealing more of his nutty beliefs:

The United States is unquestionably number one in the industrialized world: number one in our use of the world's resources, number one in the production of pollution, number one in the gap between the rich and the poor, number one in deaths by gunfire, number one in teen pregnancy, number one in poverty among the elderly, number one in citizens without health coverage, number one in child poverty, number one in homeless veterans, and number one in citizens behind bars. We are the world's #1 debtor nation, #1 in the creation of new billionaires, #1 in school dropouts, #1 in poverty, homelessness, hunger, divorce, suicide, and (oh yes) #1 in military force, nuclear weapons, and military spending -- as much as all the other nations in the world combined. We also lead the world in the number of hours worked per family, since it now takes two wage-earners and three jobs to provide the income earned with one 40 hour per week job in the 1950s. Despite soaring productivity, real wages are now a third of what they were in the 1950s. If it wasn't for corporate control of our government and the resulting trickle-down economics, ordinary workers could support their families with one job … working two days a week!

Where did this guy learn his economics? Most of this crap is just made up.

His view of foreign policy:

Corporate control of our government has also resulted in a series of wars, from Iraq to Bosnia to Kosovo to Afghanistan to Iraq again -- wars which are never in the interest of those fighting them, or of the families left behind … wars which only serve the insatiable greed of the global investor class.

What, so Halliburton broke up Yugoslavia?

On Bin Laden:

And building seven wasn’t even struck by an airplane. {3 minute video of WTC 7} Millions of 9/11 Truthers consider this the “smoking gun” that “proves” 9/11 was an inside job. But even if they’re wrong, even if the Bush administration’s official conspiracy theory was essentially correct, [you know, the one about 19 Arabs with box-cutters and an old man on a dialysis machine in a cave.

Old man? At the time of the 9/11 attacks Osama bin Laden was only 44. Bob Bowman on the other hand is 73. He has never been shown to be on dialysis, and did not live in a cave. He lived in several different facilities, including Tarnak Farms, an extensive complex which could hold hundreds of people.

Can these people get anything right?


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