Sunday, December 02, 2007

George Monbiot: Griffin and Avery are Frauds and Charlatans

Bingo! I haven't listened to the entire program yet, but left-wing columnist George Monbiot debated DRG and Dylan Avery on the James Whale radio program, TalkSport. Monbiot does a pretty good job on the debunking aspects and (mostly) succeeds in avoiding getting caught up in the minutiae that the Troofers specialize in. But at about 25 minutes in Monbiot gives us a stand up and cheer moment. Talking about the many changes in the various versions of Loose Change (he's seen Final Cut):

Monbiot: But what infuriates me about Tim (Sparke, Loose Change executive producer) and about David and these other people is that when their first story collapses, they don't acknowledge that fact, they just pass on to the next crazy story, without recognizing that the first story has been swept away from under their feet, and that to me is the mark of a fraud and a charlatan.

Whale: Are you accusing the moviemakers of being frauds and charlatans?

Monbiot: Yes.

An in-your-face slam-dunk on David Ray Griffin who is reduced to sputtering about his "evidence". The segment comes up as Monbiot hits on the ever-changing nature of the "Truth" as revealed in the various Loose Change versions. Monbiot stings Griffin well by asking him to come down as to whether he agrees with Loose Change II, which came down heavily on the "no-planer" side of the Pentagon issue, or Loose Change FC, which does some modest debunking of the "no-planes" theory. Of course, Griffin conveniently professes agnosticism on the issue.

You can download the MP3 here; it's a 90-meg file. I am not sure if the entire three hour program is dedicated to 9-11 issues.

In my previous post, I pointed out a video that I assumed was a clever parody of Loose Change espousing "no-planer" type theories. Of course, as several commenters pointed out, it was actually Loose Change I. Which proves Monbiot's point; Dylan has never acknowledged the errors he made in his earlier films, despite the fact that they now look pretty ludicrous. Indeed, the last official comment Dylan made on the nutty "pod" theory was that he still believed it (at the end of their video on the 9-11-05 Trooferfest).

Update: I originally said it was BBC radio; I should have just said it was British radio.

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