Monday, December 10, 2007

Hoping the Wiesenthal Center Does Not Back Down

Richard Gage's collection of fruitcakes has responded to the Simon Wiestenthal Center regarding the Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Denial being included in their grouping of sites that promote terrorism and anti-semitism. As we have seen with all open letters from the crackpot brigade, this one is not aimed at the nominal recipient but at the rest of the "movement".

The clear implication is that our website promotes "conspiracies", "disinformation", and – since you sandwiched it between violent Jihad militant training type websites – "terrorism" too. A brief review of our website shows that it simply contains science-based facts and questions regarding the destruction of the WTC Twin Towers and Building 7 – as well as a petition listing over 800 signatories, including more than 230 well-respected architects and engineers who are demanding a real investigation of these building "collapses" based upon the clear evidence presented in our website.

No, Richard, it contains nutty conspiracy theories and disinformation.

Regarding the anti-Semitism noted in your email form letter: We, too, abhor bigotry in all its forms, and have distanced ourselves from those few who engage in it.

Not distanced quite enough.

911 was an inside job. Our government was not simply aware, but deeply involved with all phases as was Israel. We either wake up and move on this, or prepare for 1984...Orwell wasn't off by that much...

And here:

i firmly believe these buildings were imploded. it was a masterful operation "I think" by the Israeli intelligence and the alleged hi jackers. i firmly believe the Israeli intelligence knew of the plot to hit the twin towers and used this information to coincide with the planned destruction of the buildings.

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