Saturday, December 08, 2007

Who Will Play JamesB in Screw Loose Change: The Movie?

As I have long maintained, much of the motivation behind the "truth" movement is ego. Rather than just facing the reality that they are just a bunch of bored people posting on the Internet, truthers all picture themseves as some sort of low grade superhero, striking out bravely against the New World Order villians who seek to enslave them. This post over at 911 Blogger shows this so well, as one of them speculates who will play them in the movie.

I'll start us off: (in no particular order and don't take offense to my selections or forgetting to include you in the list)

Me: Brad Pitt (I called dibs!)

Richard Gage: Stanley Tucci

Prof. Steven Jones: Oliver Platt

David Ray Griffin: Martin Sheen

Kevin Ryan: Charlie Sheen

Dylan Avery: Matt Damon

Jason Bermas: Ben Affleck

Janice Matthews: Emily Procter

Victronix: Angolina Jolie

Col. Jenny: Hillary Swank

Alex Jones: George Clooney

Jim Hoffman: Steve Buscemi

Judy Woods: Phyllis Diller (okay, I know that's kind of mean, in a way, but you have
to admit it's pretty funny, too)

Jim Fetzer: Christopher Lloyd (okay, I went for a little bit of humor there, too — I couldn't help myself)

Arabesque: Tony Danza (I'm on a roll! ;o) )

George Washington: Richard Gere

Nico Haupt: Leonardo DiCaprio (a la Gilbert Grape — okay, I admit I kind of wanted that one to sting a little)

Webster Tarpley: Gilbert Gottfried (I'm outta control!)

David Shayler: Pierce Brosnan

Willie Rodriguez: Paul Rodriguez (seriously, he's a great actor and would be perfect for the roll, plus he kind of looks like him)

Col. Ann Wright: Faye Dunaway

Cindy Sheehan: Jenna Elfman

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

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