Sunday, December 02, 2007

Just How Dumb is Dylan Avery?

Pat has already started talking about the James Whale radio show. The George Monbiot vs David Ray Griffin part is rather interesting. Although no two people could probably have any less in common politically than me and Monbiot, he does call them as he sees them. He does well in not getting into the minutiae of evidence as Griffin wants him too, since he knows that he can throw out a overwhelming array of unconnected assertions, but when Monbiot asks him to actually take a stand on something and form a coherent theory, he gets indignant.

The second part features Dylan Avery and Tim Sparke. Sparke is a full blown truther of the highest caliber. One post would not be long enough to list all the ridiculous things he says, including the claim, given up by most of the truthers long ago, that bin Laden's relatives were spirited out of the country secretly, by the "Secret Service." Sparkes also claims that Norman Mineta, whose name he repeatedly butchers, told the 9/11 Commission that he heard Dick Cheney order that "nothing be done to flight 77" avoiding even the usual truther spin on that claim. He also repeatedly claims that it is established fact that the hijackers trained at US military bases, avoiding even the mildly hedged phrasing normally used by truthers.

Avery though, continues to be mind-numbingly dense. I was struck mostly by this claim, repeated from Loose Change: the Final Insult, but with an even more elaborate twist added in the short time since the movie came out. Now I see why they have needed 4 versions of the movie.

The second thing that people are going to see, is the connection between, and widely reported, between the Pakistani Interservices Intelligence agency, Mohammed Atta, who was the lead hijacker, and the CIA, the Central Intelligence Agency.

Widely reported? All you guys do is complain that the media is part of the cover-up and won't report the "truth" on 9/11, and now all of a sudden this story is widely reported? Bizarre. Notice that there now were hijackers. They appear and disappear at random. Dylan continues:

There was a $100,000 wire transfer that was sent from Lieutenant General Mahmoud Ahmed who was the head of the ISI at the time. This $100,000 was sent to Mohammed Atta back in the summer of 2000. This wire transfer has been verified by the Wall Street Journal, the FBI, it has been reported on by the Times of India. Jason Bermas, our associate he confronted Joseph Biden and a number of other people, who were present at the meeting on the morning of 9/11 where Mahmoud Ahmed was, and they were actually discussing this transfer .

OK Dylan, maybe you missed it when we last mentioned this, but about the only part you got right there was when you said it had been "reported on by the Times of India". The FBI did not verify this, and neither did the Wall Street Journal, all they did was link to the story. As for the part where Joseph Biden was confessing to Bermas, well I think someone is having delusions of grandeur.

Now when should we expect Loose Change Version 5, to correct all the lies you are still telling?

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