Thursday, February 07, 2008

Interview With Philip Zelikow

Amy Goodman had him on to talk about the accusations in Philip Shelton's new book. There's not much in here to support the fruitcakes, but they're agog about anything that undermines the credibility of the 9-11 Commission.

JUAN GONZALEZ: There appears to be, at least according to Shenon, one commissioner, Mr. Zelikow, Max Cleland, who did raise questions about what was happening on the Commission, and he was removed, according to Shenon, because of his—or shortly after raising his criticisms of what he thought were cover-ups occurring in the Commission. He was removed. Is there any accuracy to that Shenon claim?

PHILIP ZELIKOW: He was not removed. Max resigned from the Commission. There are commissioners who know very well the circumstances of Max’s resignation. And if anyone wants to know more about this, he should talk to either Max or Tom Daschle or the commissioners involved, because Max resigned on his own and quite voluntarily for very personal reasons that commissioners know about, but which I was not a part of at all.

One of the denser Truthers suggests a boycott of Amy Goodman's sponsors because she's never interviewed David Ray Griffin about his books. Jon Gold correctly replies that she has. Nobody else seems to realize that Goodman's show does not have sponsors. DOH! One of the commenters over there refers to her show as "mainstream". LOL!