Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl Attack Imminent

Crazy Jim Fetzer writes another one of those press releases about himself. This one is beyond bizarre:

An analysis now making its way across the internet is being attributed to Sio Bibble, who concludes, “A communications disruption can mean only one thing—invasion.” On his scenario, American military radio chatter during the game could provide cover for other communications taking place. “03:00 and the troops are up, file into the mess to get a cup of coffee, sandwich and watch the game,” Bibble writes. “Meanwhile, an Israeli sub in the Gulf goes to Battle Station alert. The game starts, the troops go wild, they get pumped with adrenalin and into combative psychic. 10 minutes into the game, a micro-nuke goes off in the stadium. The aforementioned sub commander gets the signal and launches his surface to surface missiles at various Iranian sites and several American ships.”

“The sailors on the ships are stunned by what they see on the TV screen,” he continues, “then the Claxton horn goes off as American ships start taking hits. The ships go live, the Iranians go live. American sources declare a surprise Iranian attack as three American ships sink in the Gulf. The smoldering Super Bowl is blamed on Iran, Mom and Apple Pie need to be defended.” According to Fetzer, no matter how fantastic this might sound to those who have never studied 9/11, it is an appealing alternative for an administration that has run out of options and whose leader is widely regarded by the American public as the worst president in history. It could reverse his standing at a single masterstroke.

Hey, how can you not trust someone named Sio Bibble? And what is with their fascination with micro-nukes? Can't anyone just use a plain old nuke anymore?

Barrett and Fetzer even have some rather kind words for Eric May, a new development in the troofer alliances.

Fetzer has featured Captain May as his guest on “The Dynamic Duo” several times and takes his analyses seriously. “I wish I could tell you that he’s wrong, but the evidence we have discovered about 9/11 suggests that this administration has no scruples when it comes to sacrificing innocent lives to advance its political agenda.” This is not the first time that students of 9/11 have suspected a reprise might be in the works, probably one involving the use of nuclear weapons. On August 26, 2007, Webster Griffin Tarpley issued ‘The Kennebunkport Warning’ that there were signs the administration planned to conduct another ‘false flag’ operation and suspend the Constitution. Captain May has previously sounded alarms about a possible attack near Portland, Oregon, late last year. An attack on the Super Bowl and retaliation against Iran would dwarf these attempts.

Barrett, who has closely followed May’s research, also believes that these signs have to be taken seriously. “In the Texas City, Texas, case, even the mainstream media reported indications that strange events were in the works, including unmarked black trucks and sport utility vehicles bearing government license plates near crews setting up what appeared to be satellite or radar gear on the beach, and the crews were wearing shirts that said, ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team.’ We may have been very lucky that Captain May sounded the alarm,” Barrett said. “My impression is that Eric May is one of the bravest and most eloquent intelligence analysts in the United States today. It is regrettable his state of health has deteriorated to the point that we are not going to be able to count on his research much longer.” Barrett, like Fetzer, takes the extreme improbability of multiple cable cuts as a sign that something serious is afoot.

H/T to Welshman in the comments.

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