Saturday, February 23, 2008

Richard Gage in New Hampshire

As I have long maintained, the main motivator for the increasingly inaccurately named 9/11 truth movement is ego. No person is any more indicative of that than Richard Gage, who one moment is nothing more than a nerdy, balding, middle aged designer of IHOPs, and the next minute he is a globe-hopping fighter for truth and justice being stared at dreamily by doe-eyed college students (and that is just Justin Martell).

In this ridiculously long 2 1/2 hour video is off in New Hampshire giving a speech. Appropriately the video begins with him meeting the owner of the local "hemporium" once again proving my "Willie Nelson Hypothesis" correct. He then starts sharing the abbreviated version of his PowerPoint with the owner of a local newspaper. In watching this I was amused to notice that we has citing the American Free Press. I doubt he bothered to explain to this newspaper who exactly the AFP was.

I haven't watched the whole thing yet though. I am feeling a bit under the weather, and don't wish to make myself even more nauseous.