Monday, March 17, 2008

Delusions of the Paranoid

Meet the newest acronym in Trutherism, MITOP.

I want to elaborate somewhat on the idea of transparent conspiracy (see part 3), lest the idea seem too big to chew. It is chewable, but it takes a little work. Even though I have been chewing on it for some time, I am only now arriving at the conclusion, as I pointed out in part 4, that the theory is correct.

First of all, let's give it a name that will itself be more transpaent: MITOP. We are familiar with LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose) and MIHOP (Made It Happen On Purpose). Now we have "Made It Transparent On Purpose."

Yes, believe it or not, it's sooooooo obvious:

The simplest and most logical answer to this is that they were not that stupid. On the contrary, they wanted us to know. They have always wanted us--at least those of us who not yet fully lobotomized by the mainstream propaganda--to know that they can do whatever they fucking well want to with us, which includes not only 9/11 but also jamming a ridiculous and totally incredible fairy tale down our throats. They want us to know, very clearly but without having to come out and say it explicitly (this may come if martial law is imposed), as I have put it more bluntly earlier, that they've got us by the balls (short hairs for the politically correct).

Except, of course, that "they" don't do anything to the Troofers. Part of the advantage of having somebody by the nuts is that if you squeeze, they will do just about anything you ask in order to stop the pain.

It's just really the third level of paranoia. The first is that the government was behind it; the second is that "they" know that "we" know. The third is that they intended for "us" to know. Of course, you can continue this, like a dog chasing its tail; the next stage is that they know that we know that they made it transparent.