Saturday, March 08, 2008

More of the Inanity of Alex Jones

This guy is hilarious if you take him as a parody of himself. What is really bizarre is how the truthers post this stuff, somehow thinking it makes them look good. Even author Steve Alten goes on his show and praises him effusively.

My favorite part is when he goes off on Al Qaeda 2 minutes in, getting just about every fact wrong. This idiot still can't figure out how to pronounce Uzbekistan properly:

It is true that our government founded Al Qaeda. Zbigniew Brzezinski just wrote another best selling book where he brags in '79, six months before the Russians invaded, they created a code name "Al Qaeda" and that means "The Base" of CIA operations in Central Asia. And then they launched Operation Cyclone, this is all declassified now, to attack Uzbeakistan [sic], Turkmenistan and several other of the Russian satellites to get the Russians to invade and that whole thing was a large setup. I know they had a Tom Hanks movie that claims the CIA got involved in '85.

First of all, the idea that the Soviets invaded because Al Qaeda attacked "Uzbeakistan" is ridiculous, every serious historian in the world agrees that it was because of the instability of the pro-Soviet Afghan regime. Jones can't even get his geopolitical terms correct, these weren't "satellite" states they were part of the Soviet Union, Poland was a satellite state. Jones, like most truthers, can't even tell the difference between the native Afghans, who were supported by the United States, and the Arabs, who were involved later and were not supported by the US. For starters, why would the Afghans, who speak Pashtun and Dari, adopt an Arabic name in 1979?

And is it just me, or is he getting huge? He must be stocking up for the FEMA camps...