Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thoughts on Two Years

This blog was started on May 1, 2006, so this is our two-year bloggiversary. In that time we've seen the rise and fall of many a "Truther". Remember when Judy Woods was considered the engineer the movement had been waiting for? When Uncle Fetzer was emerging as the leader and spokesman? When Loose Change IISE and 9-11 Mysteries were considered breakthrough movies? When the Final Cut was going to premiere on 3,000 screens? When Rosie, or Daniel Sunjata, or Christine Ebersole, or Michelle Phillips was going to lead the Troof into the mainstream?

As the old saying goes, for the Truth Movement it's always jam tomorrow, plain bread today. I'd like to think that we're responsible for a little of that, but let's face it, the Troofers have always been their own worst enemies. They have always focused on the kind of evidence that cannot stand up to any scrutiny at all. "North of the Citgo", "Seven hijackers are alive," "Cellphones don't work at altitude," etc. At times I feel like I've won the gold medal in chess.

At the Special Olympics.

Kudos to everybody who's been working on this debunking project, especially James, who really does a terrific job. I won't do a roll call because I'll probably forget somebody who deserves to be mentioned. We do have a great community of people working together to defeat this pseudo-history.

One of Alex Jones' lead-ins says "We're on the march! They're on the run!" As with everything the fat man says, the evidence indicates to the contrary.