Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Aldo: Not a Disinfo Agent

Although his "proof" that he's not is laughable:

According to several of our detractors and including the implications at 911blogger, people are insinuating that we and/or the witnesses we present are actually disinformation operatives or "counter-intelligence".

If that is the case, then bring us in.

Contact the authorities and bring us all in.

Let's try and imagine the process here:

Troofer A: Hey New World Order Agent, we're performing a citizen's arrest on Aldo Marquis, who is clearly a disinformation operative.

New World Order Agent: Well, you caught him fair and square; we'll take him out back and chop his head off with a Chinese-made guillotine.

Nope, that's not how it goes at all. We're all trained here at the New World Order to deny, deny, deny. If you were to march Aldo into NWO HQ and insist that he was disinfo, we'd start doing the "He's not disinfo, he's just pining for the fjords," routine, and we're better at it than Michael Palin.

Second, our actual disinfo agents are much better at concealing themselves than Aldo and Craig. Our actual disinfo agents are the most trusted people in 9-11 Truth, not marginalized characters like the CIT dudes.