Friday, May 30, 2008

Microspheres Debunked

You can see why I love being at JREF; there are so many amazing people over there, like Crazy Chainsaw, whose tricks with the chainsaw have made Ripley's Believe It Or Not several times. Those killer microspheres turn out to be eminently explainable and indeed expected:

Brake pads on heavy equipment, especially cranes, and excavators produce micro spheres with silicon, Concrete cut off saws with Aluminum oxide and silicon binder do the same. Clutches and big truck brakes also. As well as some sand papers using silicon binders with aluminum oxide.
Iron fibers and Diatomaceous Earth are used in brake pads, on equipment and vehicles.


Until site contamination is resolved the work of Dr. Steven E Jones and the other Scholars on the micro spheres is garbage Pseudo Science.


And later:

Add 2 Cycle engines, lawn mowers, weed eaters anything with aluminum push rods and steel crank shafts to the list of micro sphere producers. During the break in cycle, and during rundown right before the engine blows they produce micro spheres from friction of the crank shaft against the piston rod.
Those spheres are thrown out the 2 cycles exhaust system.

Well, you know I'm sure nobody uses those archaic weed eaters with aluminum push rods and steel crank shafts. ;)

Great work. I always say we don't do the best debunking out there, we just know where it can be found!

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