Thursday, May 15, 2008

Air America Chatter

I'm still not appearing, but I have been quite amused by the chatter that is going on amongst the Troofers regarding this event. There is a rumor that they are going to provide the long-awaited "Pentagon Flyover" witness. No word yet on whether this is he:

Over at the Looser Forums, they're hyping the event:

He suggested Reheat, Anti-Sophist, Apathoid, Gravy, and Beachnut.

Of course whoever is willing to do it would have to be a real human as opposed to a screen-name so I guess we'll see if any of them are willing to put their name behind their claims!

Hilariously, the third member of the CIT gripes:

i'm still suspended for proving the 1993 WTC bombing was carried out by the FBI, but I was going to ask Ron if they were able to come up with someone other than Mark Roberts who isn't anonymous.......

Says the guy named "Domenick DiMaggio". I'm going to guess that's a screen name, because this guy's 91 years old: