Friday, May 16, 2008

Air America Look Back

Ron Wieck did pretty well considering, the host kept on interrupting him and throwing a fit anytime he said something mildly insulting of the conspiracy theorists. Needless to say he did not show the same indignation when David Ray Griffin accused the military, police, firefighters and FBI of throwing ground up body parts around the Pentagon. Griffin managed to have one of the most bizarre statements, when he claimed that 152 witnesses to flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon was not definitive enough. Oh please, Griffin claims definitive proof in the New Pearl Harbor that it was a missile, even though he does not have a single witness to that.

The CIT nutjobs are rather interesting with their earth shaking evidence. After 7 years they finally got their fly-over witness. Nevermind the guy sounded drunk, put the plane in an impossible location, and claimed there were 2 planes, that witness was definitive!

A little bit of backstory, both Pat and I got offers from Kevin Barrett to appear on the show (Kevin for some reason never showed up). Pat, as he publicly posted earlier, refused outright. I actually made an offer to Kevin that I would appear, provided he answer the questions posed to him by Mark Roberts.

Needless to say, he refused to almost immediately.


Sorry you don't have the guts, or the evidence, to hold up your side of a debate.

I have never called for anyone's execution. I have merely called for the laws against treason and crimes against humanity to be enforced.

Nor do I hold the beliefs on UFOs and holocausts that you claim. Please retract your libelous statements.

I am not interested in wasting time on the megalomaniac and chronophage Mark "I know more about 9/11 than anyone in the world" Roberts. If he wants to debate on the radio, fine, bring him on. But like almost all of you, he's too cowardly to defend his beliefs in a debate.

If you really believed what you claimed to believe about 9/11, you would debate the facts. Clearly you do not, because you trade exclusively in insults.

If you know of anyone with enough courage (or foolhardiness) to attempt to mount a factual argument to defend the government's account, let me know.


Dr. Kevin Barrett

Hey, I never said he believed in UFOs. It wouldn't surprise me, mind you, but I never said that.