Friday, May 30, 2008

Are We Seeing the Great Boomer Truther Reconvergence?

I have to wonder after seeing this absurd post over at 9-11 Blogger by the Waterboy Wonder himself, Kevin Ryan.

Received some new photos of the WTC destruction. More roasted cars are shown, and these have not been moved, but are pictured at the point of roasting – in the WTC parking complex.

Ryan specifies that he's ruling out star wars beams, but aside from that it sure looks like an attempt at pulling back the old Scholars together; this whole focus on "roasted cars" being a Judy Woods favorite. Note the hilarious comments as the Truthers try to fathom what their new marching orders are from the Jones/Ryan fragment:

the debunkers will say something about "the raging fires" or the "heat generated by the collapse".

How should we respond?

I'm going to guess that the split in the Truthers is going generational. I noted this about the 2007 anniversary blasts in New York; there was a distinct split between the We Are Change folks and the Les Jamieson crowd. Alex Jones was probably the oldest big name at the WAC fest, and he's still only what, 34? He just looks older. By contrast, almost all the names at the Jamieson shindig made me look youthful and hirsute.

I suspect what's happening is that all the older toads are getting together just as they are about to hibernate for awhile. As we have discussed, 9-11 Truth has once again failed to make millionaires out of anybody. The fantasy that it would (which has animated the Troofer researchers ever since the original Time Magazine claim that Thierry Meyssan was getting rich) deflated with the Loose Change Final Cut non-phenomenon.

It's one thing when a market is exploding like the Truthers were (admittedly) in 2005 and 2006. But when you can see the market is still small and no longer growing, it becomes quite another.

A round of applause for the debunkers who have battled against Jones and Ryan! I say it's surrender from the JONES crew, that they have acknowledged that they'd rather make common cause with their generational buddies, no matter how wacky the theories, than with the supposedly sensible Truthers at 9-11 Blogger, 9-11 Truth Action, etc. What happens to everybody who doesn't burrow under near somebody else during a long winter?

They freeze to death.