Monday, June 16, 2008

Sleazebags Run Patriots Question 9-11

I've covered this before, but some of the people listed on Patriots Question 9-11 are not 9-11 "Truthers". Frank DeMartini is listed. DeMartini died on 9-11 so the idea that he's a conspiracy nutbar is crazy. He's listed because of his opinion stated in early 2001 that the World Trade Center could withstand multiple impacts of planes. DeMartini is also one of the signal heroes of that day, rescuing many people trapped in elevators.

We get more ridiculous nonsense with Jamie McIntyre. McIntyre's alive today and disputes the idiot Troofers as you can here in this clip (at about 1:05):

But hey, he still questions 9-11, right?

It's pretty much the same for the rest of the site. If somebody mentioned an explosion, he's a "Truther".