Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Hardly Boys and the Case of the Stolen Cameras

They think they are being hunted down by a fascist police state, and yet they are not smart enough to put valuables in the trunk of their car.

On July 26, 2008 around 4am Eastern Time WeAreCHANGE members Sabrina Rivera and myself Luke Rudkowski noticed our cars front widow was knocked out. The only missing property inside the car was three WeAreCHANGE cameras with important video footage. It is important to note that I myself was receiving harassing phone calls for the past 24 hours prior to the robbery. The Robbery took place right after a public WeAreCHANGE meeting which Sabrina and myself attended. The following cameras have been taken.

JVC HDD GZ-MG155 - $700

Sony Handycam DCR-HC28 - $300

JVC HDD GZ-HD3 - $850

Along with extended batteries and charges the totally amount of equipment stolen was around $2,000 dollars not including the damages to the car and important video footage yet to be publicly released.

The police have notified us that the person who committed the crime must have watched all of our moves before breaking into the car and stealing the cameras.