Friday, July 18, 2008

Troofers Finally Show Some Outrage!

One of the many things about the "Truth" movement that always bugs me is their use of the word alleged. Alleged is a word that appears to have been created by newspaper lawyers to keep them out of libel suits. They can say "It is alleged that OJ Simpson killed his wife," and not be liable.

But the Troofers, who feel free to libel anybody they don't like, obviously aren't afraid of lawsuits. And yet they sprinkle in the word alleged to indicate their disagreement with the "official" story. We hear of "alleged Flight 11" and "alleged passengers" and "alleged hijackers" as if the goofs were actually afraid that Mohammed Atta is still alive and going to sue them if they malign his good name.

Well, one nutbar finally had enough of this "alleged" crap, and it's a significant person in the movement: Reprehensor, the guy who runs 9-11 Blogger. One problem though; it's apparently only one particular use of "alleged" that bugs him:

Stating that Lorie Van Auken's husband was "allegedly killed when the north tower was demolished" is disgusting.

Yes, you finally get it, you pathetic creep. This is exactly how we feel when we hear David Ray Griffin blather on about "alleged cell phone calls" and "alleged Flight 77".