Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hey, Who Says Piling On Isn't Fair?

Well now that David Ray Griffin has basically admitted that much of his previous work is false, and members of his own movement are attacking him for promoting the Terminator 2 voice morphing hypothesis, why not continue to pile on? So on this note, I figured I would let potential book buyers are Amazon know what this guy is trying to sell them.

David Ray Griffin publishes what I think is his 7th book on the subject of 9/11 conspiracies, making him the most prolific writer, and quite possibly the publishing world's biggest profiteer off of this tragedy. Despite this volume of work though Mr. Griffin has yet failed to form even the vaguest narrative of what he thinks actually happened on this tragic day, and in fact has vociferously spoken out against anyone forming a theory, on the grounds (and correctly so) that if the conspiracy theorists actually form a theory, they will open themselves up to criticism for the weakness of their argument. There is also the fact that if he tried to put together all of his "evidence", full of contradictions, speculations and outright absurdities, it would form a sum total plot which would be laughed off as too fanciful for a comic book. Despite this though Griffin does bizarrely forward some "sub-theories" such as the voice morphing technology straight out of the SciFi movie Terminator 2, which he tries to pass off with a straight face as common everyday technology. This has opened him up for attacks even from the members of his own movement, people who hardly refrain from baseless speculation in general.

With any luck, Griffin will soon go the way of Jim Fetzer, Judy Wood and Kevin Barrett before him.