Monday, November 03, 2008

The Latest Smoking Gun

Somebody didn't want to come to a memorial service for a European division head. The memorial service was supposed to be somewhere, but it was scheduled for 9-11, and the bigwigs said no way, there's going to be a terrorist event in New York--errr, a golf outing that day.

When the managing director of the overseas Warner Bros. office passed away, the individual who spoke with the Journal was contacted by the senior executive from L.A. about the plans for the memorial service. Senior executives from the company would attend, including from the Warner Bros. parent corporation, Time Warner, headquartered in New York.

When he answered that one of the potential dates for the service was September 11, he was told that would be no good because “something big is happening that day” and the top executives from the New York office would all be travelling (sic) out of the city.

So the top executives could not possibly come to Europe because they would be traveling out of New York? Makes perfect sense to me!

Mix with the put options never exercised (that's so retarded that only a Troofer could believe it), saute with some Dancing Jews and sprinkle with Odigo warnings, and you have yet another crap sandwich from the 9-11 fruitcakes.

Foreign Policy Journal? Foreign Nobody Journal; the last place this turkey was posting was at OpEd News, which is sort of like the Huffington Post for people Arianna hasn't met.

Update: The author of the piece drops by in the comments section and leaves this little nugget:

Hi. I'm the "turkey" that authored this piece.

Gobble gobble.

Your "debunking" is kind of interesting.

First of all, nobody has suggested this is a "smoking gun". It's an intriguing, compelling story that requires further investigation and independent verification.

Except that you already told us that about all you could verify was the fact that your source worked for Time Warner overseas and that two other guys mentioned also worked for them.

You begin with the false characterization that "Somebody didn't want to come to a memorial service", and from that false basis construct the even more erroneous explanation that what occurred was "a golf outing". I'm perfectly open to alternative explanations, but this is nonsense.

It's called sarcasm.

You got it right that "they would be traveling out of New York". The reason given was because of this big event that was to occur in N.Y.

Where was the memorial service? The guy who died was overseas, so why would the memorial service be held in New York? And if it wasn't held in New York, wouldn't this have been a perfect excuse for all the New York executives to get out of town? The story doesn't even make sense.

You mention "Dancing Jews" and "Odigo warnings" with more than a hint of ridicule. But dismissing facts is far from "debunking" facts.

The Odigo employees were in Israel. Who would warn Israelis in Israel of a coming terrorist attack? The Dancing Jews were held for 81 days before being released, hardly indicative that they were not investigated.

You end with what I presume to be an attempt at an ad hominem. I guess if OpEdNews is "sort of like the Huffington Post for people Arianna hasn't met" then is sort of like for people who never learned logic and can't actually present facts to counter ideas that don't sit well with their own personal paradigm.

OpEdNews is a fruitcake site, as is yours. So is the Huffpo for that matter, albeit a fruitcake site for B-List celebrities. The article basically amounts to another "something else happened around the time of 9-11 and so it must be connected". Feel free to keep investigating, though. I suggest interviewing Richard Andrew Grove and Indira Singh; they have intriguing and compelling stories to tell as well. And they will positively glow as they tell them.

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