Sunday, November 02, 2008

Proof Troofer Style

The debate continues to rage among the "Truthers" about the CIT's nutty "North of the Citgo" theory. I just thought this one bit of discussion is revealing:

Actually - I'd like to clarify:

Lloyd England has been demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt to be speaking untruth.


Lloyd England is therefore complicit.


Except, of course, using the word "therefore" indicates that it's not an opinion, but a fact. And the "Truther" in question is ignoring one obvious possibility: that Lloyd may be speaking "untruth" because he is legitimately confused. Remember, this was an incident that happened suddenly with no warning, seven years ago. Eyewitnesses commonly disagree on seemingly every detail of an incident, which is why the CIT movies are such a waste of time. When the physical evidence contradicts the eyewitnesses, go with the physical evidence.

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