Thursday, December 25, 2008

Detective Jenny Sparks--Still A Retard

I hear among the Troofers she's considered quite the dangerous intellect. She's posted over at her blog that she--dundunduh!--knows my "physical" address--as compared to my metaphysical address I suppose. Of course, if she weren't retarded, she'd know that there's this website where you enter a person's name and city they live in and it--dundunduh!--spits out the persons address. I just checked it, and yep, I'm listed.

Patrick Curley
3725 E. Columbine Drive
Phoenix, Arizona 85032

So whatcha gonna threaten me with now, Jenny?

I'd rebut the rest of what she posted over there, but I don't quite understand it. The Screw Loose Change Myspace page (not run by either James or me) has Unsecured Coins as a friend who has somebody as a friend who's Killclown's girlfriend or something. You can probably see the flaw in this theory already. I doubt that Killclown has a girlfriend for starters and most people on Myspace autoadd people as friends anyway. I see that Old Foggy himself, Alex Jones is a friend of the guy who has the SLC Myspace page.

At the close of the post, she links to this video. Nope, she's not a psycho stalking bitch:

Sounds like another not-so-oblique-but-deniable death threat to me. Yawn. Jenny Sparks is the nom de troof of one Jo Cressy who reportedly lives somewhere in the Portland area. But on the off chance something happens to me, here's what she supposedly looks like; a friend of hers confirmed this a year or so ago:

Uglier on the inside than the outside, which is going some.

Update: She has my phone number too! Which was available at the same site, probably because it's called--dundunduh! Not going to post it here because hey, there are still troofers who wouldn't be able to figure out how to find it with all those clues.

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