Friday, December 26, 2008

Sorry Tony

I was perusing the comments on 911 Blogger, although due to their flagging readership and tight censorship policies, there aren't that many anymore, and came across this statement from Tony Szamboti, who stands out in the truth movement as one of the few people with some type of engineering background, but he still manages to get things wrong.

Molten metal was only under the buildings that collapsed

One of the panel members was trying to make a point about molten metal under WTC 7 and said it wasn't under other buildings, and then said well some of them.

I think he was trying to make the point, but couldn't quite get the thought right, that the molten metal was ONLY under those buildings that collapsed, which of course were the two towers and WTC 7. The second part of the point is that there were other buildings like WTC 5 and 6 which had been burning fiercely and were heavily damaged by debris but did not collapse to the ground and did not have molten metal under them.

Additionally, the NASA and NOAA infrared imagery ONLY shows the hot spots under the two towers and WTC 7.

Except this is not true, if Tony had actually been one of the few people to watch Loose Change: The Final Cut, he would have noticed this quote from Ken Holden

Underground it was still so hot that molten metal dripped down the sides of a wall from Building 6.

So care to revise that theory there, Tony?