Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back to the Big Tent? Blogger Allows Pro-CIT Post

I wish Reprehensor would make up his little mind.

Citizen Investigation Team offers this compilation of independent verifiable evidence exposing the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon as a psychological black operation of deception. Consider this a non-violent call to action as everyone is encouraged to copy and distribute this conclusive evidence to media, political, and authority figures while first requesting, and then demanding a response. Inaction by authorities and media to this information amounts to a crime of obstruction of justice so it's time they are held accountable.

Weren't the CIT boys and their fans banned from 9-11 Blogger? What was the reasoning behind that explained by Reprehensor at the time? Oh, yeah, one of the biggest CIT-groupies, Domenic DiMaggio had this to say about Rep:

"Your support of government agent John Farmer and toilet scrubber Adam Larson and some obsessed clown named Arabesque exposes you for the gatekeeper you are Reprehensor. Let me guess you're just another anonymous clown in the gatekeeping world. Perhaps one of Randi's kids from the JREF Forum posing as a truther."

I'm trying to cooperate with the supposedly sensible "Truthers" by not highlighting the CIT nuttery, but I guess this stuff is now back up there with that peer-reviewed paper in terms of evidence of inside jobby job. Of course, maybe Rep's just bowing to reality here; Aldo and Craig have been invited to make their presentation at the WAC/Jamieson summit this anniversary, and who's missing? Where's Steven Earl Jones? Where's Kevin Ryan? Where's Neils Harrit? After hearing all year that this peer-reviewed paper is going to end up convicting every member of Congress on the charge of misprision of treason, suddenly "the evidence" that they've been presenting with great flourish to various leaders is not even going to be discussed; instead we're getting the Pentagon Flyover theory and Daniel Hopsicker's long-debunked claims about Amanda Keller.

Of course, what's the real problem here? After three years of following these people I should realize that they are not going to do the sensible thing. Thermite, as nutty as it is, is so 2006. Pentagon Flyover is new, it's exciting, it's groovy, at least to those who don't remember Dick Eastman. It almost seems time to hear about P-Tech all over again.

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