Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Holocaust Denier and 9-11 "Truther" Meyercord Crushed in Election

Wow, for a write-in candidate to get something like 50X the vote of somebody on the ballot is amazing.

Ken Meyercord, who had been running unopposed for an at-large seat on the Reston Citizens Association's 13-member volunteer board, received only 23 votes after his provocative views on Jews created a backlash.

Colin Mills, the write-in candidate for the at-large position on the board, received 1,157 votes, according to Mike Corrigan, the civic association's former president and a member of the election committee.

Kudos to Colin Mills and the other people behind the write-in campaign; they have done their good deed for the day.

"It's a fabulous result," said Debra Steppel, the former Reston Citizens Association board member behind the write-in campaign. "I'm very, very pleased."

Thumbs up, Debra!

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