Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yet Moron the NYC Ballot Initiative

Big Al at JREF actually bothered to stop by City Hall in NY and find out why the Troofers failed again.

The short version is that they didn't have enough valid signatures. Further, the whole cockamamie approach was found to be an overreach:

First, the federal government has jurisdiction over an investigation into the attacks that took place on September 11 as well as the causes of those attacks. Establishing a local commission to conduct an investigation far exceeds the proper scope and purpose of the petition process of the MHRL (Municipal Home Rule Law). Second, the petition fails to provide an adequate financing plan for the Commission as required by section 37 of the MHRL. Third, the petition's method of designating Commissioners conflicts with state laws relating to the election or appointment of public officers and the residency of public officers, Fourth, the petition overreaches in its attempt to confer a range of law enforcement and prosecutorial powers on the Commission.

Or, to put it more simply:

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