Friday, August 21, 2009

The Late, Great "Truth" Movement

Chf describes what has happened to his local (Toronto) fruitcake brigade:

Anyway....In July they changed their name to "Toronto Truthseekers" on meetup. That way they could include chemtrails, vaccines, NAU, global warming, weather modification and a host of other things in addition to 9/11.

Yep, we recall that 9-11 Blogger tried the same "big tent" approach, allowing JFK "Truth" and MLK "Truth" about a year ago. No, it didn't work;

Lately the group's e-mail list has seen more infighting than a Somali tribal conference due to endless conflicts over strategy, claims and the growing insanity of member like Victor Fletcher (who endlessly rants about the "Zionist" plots against him), "Glenn" (a 40 year old who was expelled from the group due to his bizarre public gestures towards teenage girls) and Black Krishna (BK), whose decent into madness has become especially comical.

This seems to be pretty much the case everywhere; it's getting harder and harder to find something to post about here at SLC.


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