Friday, June 24, 2011

Alex Jones Explains It All

He clearly gets one thing right (around 3:50):
"The point is it just gets crazier by the minute."

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At 24 June, 2011 11:05, Blogger M Gregory Ferris said... Elf is about the same size as a genetically enhanced attack baboon...maybe it wasn't a missile that hit the was a sleigh...reindeer don't show up on radar...Santa?

At 24 June, 2011 16:52, Blogger ComradeAgopian said...

I never saw a little elf .

At 24 June, 2011 18:49, Blogger M Gregory Ferris said...

I just realized that Brian has yet to chime in saying that because NORAD can track Santa's movements on Christmas Eve then they should have been able to intercept the sleigh in time.

At 24 June, 2011 20:53, Blogger paul w said...

For god's sake, don't encourage him.

At 25 June, 2011 06:31, Blogger angrysoba said...

Aaronovitch has an amusing commentary from his visit to Gage's talk.

The author and 9/11 conspiracist, Ian Henshall, announced his departure from the big truther's bash on Monday evening, by thrusting his bald head into my face, twice calling me a "f---g scumbag" and then flapping off into the wet night. It was a typically careless exit.

Mr Gage had delivered a two-hour slide- and film-assisted presentation which convinced most of the 200-odd audience that they were right to go on believing that the 2001 attacks were an inside job, involving secret, controlled demolitions timed to go off at the same time as planes were flown into the World Trade Centre.

I was there because I take an anthropological interest in conspiracy theories. Mr Henshall was there to reinject himself with the "truth".

At 25 June, 2011 08:49, Blogger Richard Gage's Testicles said...

Even more interesting fallout from the talk.

At 25 June, 2011 17:41, Blogger paul w said...

Leading architects on both sides of the Atlantic hit out at the institute this week after American architect Richard Gage, part of the group Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, delivered a lecture at RIBA HQ on Monday night.

Oh dear!

“The choice of the RIBA was not accidental… the RIBA should have made it clear that the vast majority of architects think these theories have no merit.”

Dear, oh dear!


At 26 June, 2011 18:54, Blogger Arcterus said...

"I only cover what I can prove."

Good news, folks. It sounds like Alex Jones is going to retire from radio!

At 27 June, 2011 03:57, Blogger Triterope said...

We wish. His standards for "proof" are pretty much nonexistent.


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