Friday, July 01, 2011

Paranioid Truther John Wright on Tulsa Radio

I had to love this show (6/30/11 episode downloadable in MP3 format at website). The segment with LeftWright starts about 75 minutes in. Wright makes a complete ass of himself, starting with his dedication, in which he manages to mention just about everybody but his dog.

He drones on and on, like the Ever-ready Bunny on crack. It's a classic Truther performance and eventually the two radio guys, who have treated him quite fairly, are reduced to talking about their lunch plans in the background while nutbar Wright filibusters frantically.

But not to worry, Troofers! He's doing it on purpose, because he "realized" that they were not having him on the show to treat him respectfully.

When the "hosts" confirmed my suspicion that they only invited me on the show to ridicule me and the movement, I made a tactical decision to filibuster as much as I could. I realize that my long introduction was a bit over the top, but that was a strategic decision to seize the high ground in three ways.

1) By mentioning that I am a United States Soccer Federation certified referee (going on 5 years now) at the outset, the listeners see a regular guy reffing soccer matches and authorized to do so by a national organization which is affiliated to a world governing body (FIFA). We referees are also trained to be impartial and objective, both qualities one wants from someone analyzing data and expressing informed conclusions.

Yep, he thought that mentioning that he's a soccer ref gave him credibility with the listeners.

Wright is of course a classic conspiracy nutbar, as this excerpt shows:

That said, my working hypothesis regarding the presence of individuals on the planes, who would later be identified as "hijackers", is that 19 men fitting their general description were on the planes under one of the following scenarios:

1) They thought they were part of an operation to hijack planes and fly them into targets.

2) They thought they were part of an operation to hijack planes for some other reason, perhaps to make a demand of some kind.

3) They thought were doing more reconnaissance flights to study airline security, etc.

4) They thought they were part of a red team/ blue team exercise of some kind.

Update: I see that James already covered this, but as our posts are substantially different I will leave this one up.

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At 01 July, 2011 12:53, Blogger Neil C said...

Seriously, if he wants credibility, don't bring FIFA into things - they're one of the most corrupt organisations on the planet. It won't help his case at all.

Also, "the referee's a wanker!" is one of the few football chants you're likely to hear at every game in the UK. Nobody likes 'em.

At 02 July, 2011 07:47, Blogger Ian said...

I think soccer referee is up there with universal life minister in the "who gives a rat's ass" department when it comes to claiming credibility with regard to 9/11 conspiracies.

At 02 July, 2011 21:36, Blogger sabba said...

Isn't this the same John Wright that Brian Good claimed to have as modetator for his debate with Rodriguez?

Isn't this the same John Wright who Brian Good insinuated to have a relationship with Carol Brouillet also?

At 02 July, 2011 21:36, Blogger sabba said...

very interesting...

At 05 July, 2011 12:54, Blogger Triterope said...

I am a United States Soccer Federation certified referee

So becoming a referee is a lifetime accomplishment now? I know that probably makes him a 90th percentile achiever among Truthers, but geez. He sounds like the kind of guy who'd get excited if he got his own coffee cup.

At 07 July, 2011 07:01, Blogger sabba said...

notice how Brian Good does not comments on John Wright, the guy he insinuated to be having an affair with Carol Brouillett.


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