Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Wasn't That Kind of the Point?

You can always count on David Ray Griffin to say something really stupid.  This time from the New Strait Times:

He also alleged that the hijackers had minimal competence to fly single-engine aircraft, let alone be able to handle commercial jets.
"Experienced pilots have told me that Hani Hanjour the person alleged to have hit wedge one of the Pentagon could not possibly have executed the amazing (AA 77) trajectory as even experienced airline pilots would have had trouble negotiating, and never would have tried, fearing they'd crash and burn." 

Uhh yeah, I can pretty much guarantee that if you executed the trajectory of Hani Hanjour, you would crash and burn.


At 03 July, 2012 17:46, Blogger orphia_nay said...

Oh, yeah, Hanjour really feared they'd crash and burn.

Nice to see the theologian preaching to the religious. Scientists, schmientists.

At 03 July, 2012 18:38, Blogger Unknown said...

Hanjour took lessons in a 737
simulator at Jet Tech in Mesa

Instructor signed off for
"tight turns"

Nothing about taxiing/landing

At 04 July, 2012 22:15, Blogger roo said...

I sometimes wish for the ability to see the history of truthers on other planes of existence and circumstances.

For example, if Hanjour had missed the Pentagon and instead crashed into the Citgo nearby, would the truther mantra then be that 'there is no way that such an inexperienced pilot could have made the turn and hit the Cigto so precisely'?


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