Monday, May 29, 2006

Comedy Gold At the Loose Change Forums

BG will no doubt gripe about this post, but we're here to educate and have fun at the same time. The good people over at the James Randi Educational Forum thread on Loose Change (which I highly recommend) pointed out some memorable stupidity over there:

Check out this "theory" on what happened to the passengers:

several months ago i was doing some reading on a possible alliance that has been in exsistance with the military government and an alien race. i call this race the Anunnaki. (i could talk hours about who the Anunnaki are, but i'll just say they're an alien race believed to have visited earth thousands of years ago, and still mildly remain here today.) the alliance is thought to be this. the aliens agree only to abduct a number of humans for their experiments. in exchange the aliens give those in the know technology. this has sed to have been going on since shortly after the roswell crash. to make a long story short ... i'm under the impression that its possible that all the passengers on the planes were offered up as payment to the Anunnaki in exchange for some greatly advanced technology. what technology ... i dont know, but something big, something that would be considered a valueable asset to those wanting to control the masses.

But even better is the person who debunks this "theory":

In my view this is a smokescreen for the raping and pillaging of ancient knowledge around the world, the keeping down of once great civilisations and the old magicians trick of look over here while we pick your pocket. I propose Icke was given this info and he took it in good faith btw, rather than invented it himself as this is a story that has been around before. Icke often raises his friend Credo to fill in a lot of the spaces in his theory or to back up his view but I am afraid Credo is a sham (his created name translates to I believe, his parents were very perceptive), he comes from a country on it's knees and I can not fault the guy by clinging onto an untruth in order to survive/prosper. I have to hand it to them, it is a great story but if it is wrong, could we be looking in a more wrong direction? That is some good misdirection right there if so.
If he is right, the Queen is a shapeshifter, Prince Charles is the anti-christ, Bush has to drink childrens blood in order to hold a human form and we are all indeed f****d. Truely, I say that with no irony, if he is right, we may as well sit down and wait to be bled as we are royaly down the proverbial creek without a paddle.


At 29 May, 2006 08:22, Blogger shawn said...

hahahah David Icke, whenever his books come through receiving we have a big ol' laugh at the crazy Brit's expense.

At 29 May, 2006 12:16, Blogger nes718 said...

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At 29 May, 2006 12:17, Blogger nes718 said...

Well at least the good folks over at JDEF will let us have that invisibility ring when it comes out :D

At 29 May, 2006 12:29, Blogger nes718 said...

typo, that's JREF not JDEF.

At 29 May, 2006 19:45, Blogger nes718 said...

If that ever comes out you may have to reconfigure your tin-foil so you can detect invisible government and Zionist agents.

I'll make sure to save you one if you ever need it when you run into turban wearing cave people :D

At 30 May, 2006 00:27, Blogger nes718 said...

Since you don't believe they exist, you might want to keep it for yourself. You'll never know when you'll finally want to disappear out of embarrassment for being proven wrong again and again in here.

Nah.. Who proved me wrong? I have yet to see any of you prove Osama is real, or alive or leader of "Al Qaeda." You guys don't even know where that name came from. So keep those foil hats for when the government starts telling you the boogeyman is going to get you.

At 30 May, 2006 08:08, Blogger shawn said...

I have yet to see any of you prove Osama is real

Seeing is believing, numbnuts.

You guys don't even know where that name came from.

It's Arabic for "the base" or "the foundation".

So keep those foil hats for when the government starts telling you the boogeyman is going to get you.

Uh now the conspiracy idiots are telling the normal people that they have tin foil hats? Odd.

At 30 May, 2006 14:31, Blogger Chad said...

I'd like to know who he's "converted".

At 30 May, 2006 18:00, Blogger shawn said...

Wow, those people are ridiculous. I'd already seen threads where the Randi folks demolished them (and one of their admins banned a few of them for it), and they still kept parroting the same thing over and over. Now they think, nesnyc, who we're been demolishing nonstop, is doing a good job?

We have hospitals for people with severe mental disorders, why aren't they there?


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