Thursday, May 11, 2006

More on Those Darn Cell Phones

An economics professor of mine once said that the difference between a scientific theory and a conspiracy theory is the ability to make meaningful predictions. In economics, for example, the theory of supply and demand allows us to predict how people will respond to the price changes of the goods they buy, and we observe to see whether the theory is valid or not. Conspiracy theorists don't work that way. For example, the fact that the black boxes were not found in the World Trade Center wreckage proves that there is a conspiracy. Logically, we could predict then, that the fact that the black boxes were found in the Pentagon and Pennsylvania would then be an indication that there was not conspiracy. Wrong. That is just proof that they were faked.

Well, I work another way. I posted below on the phone calls from United 93, and how most of them were in fact air phone calls. In fact only 2 out of 37 calls were from cell phones. I then predicted that since it is difficult, although not impossible to make cell phone calls from 35,000 feet, those two calls must have made during the end of the flight, when the plane was approaching 5,000 feet.

So now I have looked up the two individuals, which was difficult since many news accounts incorrectly confuse cell phone and air phone calls, here is what I found:

CeeCee Lyles, at 9:47, at which time they were below 7,000 feet, just ten minutes later the passengers would try and take back the plane.

In Fort Myers, Fla., Lorne Lyles didn't hear the phone ringing. He'd worked the night shift and had lain down to sleep at 7:30. At 9:47 a.m., the answering machine picked up a call from his wife, CeeCee, stranded in the back of the airplane.
And Ed Felt, at 9:58, after the fight had already begun and the altitude was down below 5,200 ft.

An emergency dispatcher in Westmoreland County, Pa., received a cell phone call at 9:58 a.m. from a man who said he was a passenger locked in the bathroom of United Flight 93, said dispatch supervisor Glenn Cramer.

"We are being hijacked, we are being hijacked!" Cramer quoted the man as saying. The man told dispatchers the plane "was going down. He heard some sort of explosion and saw white smoke coming from the plane and we lost contact with him," Cramer said.


At 11 May, 2006 21:30, Blogger Realist06 said...

I thought it was quite clear in Loose Change that he was talking specifically about the alleged cell phone calls, not the airphone calls. Where did the movie lump them together?

At 11 May, 2006 22:05, Blogger James B. said...

Actually they never did unlump them. He quotes Bingham specifically saying that he was calling from an air phone, and then says "None of these calls could have been made". It is a particularly idiotic moment.

At 12 May, 2006 08:44, Blogger Realist06 said...

right, I agree. When would you ever address you own mother with your first name, let alone your first AND last name? That's the idiotic part. And like you said, he clearly distinguished the Bingham call as an airphone call, there was no confusion there.

At 12 May, 2006 09:52, Blogger James B. said...

Yeah, Joan, just like Muslims would never chant "Allahu akhbar" during a suicide attack.

At 12 May, 2006 10:12, Blogger Unknown said...

The posters at this blog, and the commentors who defend them, have lost the right to deserve honest debate.

I say this to realist06, or anyone else, who expects honesty and reason to play a role in the discussion with these admittedly dogged Loose Change detractors.

At 06 June, 2006 14:03, Blogger ~ FluxRostrum said...

I know You are But What is This?

At 14 September, 2006 10:10, Blogger nickfiction said...

please please , i travel on airplanes weekly. CELL PHONES DO NOT WORK ON AIRPLANES!!!!!!!!!!!

At 14 September, 2006 10:10, Blogger nickfiction said...

please please , i travel on airplanes weekly. CELL PHONES DO NOT WORK ON AIRPLANES!!!!!!!!!!!

At 20 January, 2007 15:12, Blogger batcave911 said...

I am a Sr RF Design engineer, and have setup systems for Spring PCS, Verizon and others.
Cell phones do NOT work at 35,000ft i garuntee it.
I thought something was strange, so i researched it, and yes,
Burnettes call happened over 35,000ft
or so they say ?

The fone rang...I looked at the caller ID and knew that it was Toms' cell-fone"

Deena Burnett saying herself that it was Tom's cell fone in the 2002 UK TV docu "Flight 93 reconstruction:

I tried it just in case, i fly a good bit, and tried several times, and never got 1 call to wrok over 4,000ft.
even at 4,000ft, the calls that went through, dropped in seconds.

Kee Dewdney did a study confirming the same thing i got.

i wrote an extensive technical article
september 11 cell phones an engineering perpective


Cell Phone Calls Flight 77

9/11 Cell Phone Calls Project Achilles experiment

9/11 Cell Phone Calls


At 17 April, 2008 01:44, Blogger netcam1 said...

Saying that scientific theories and conspiracy theories are mutually exclusive is just dead wrong. Whether a theory is scientific concerns its corroboration with scientific evidence...aka its relation to reality.

After all, the official account of the 9/11 events is a conspiracy theory itself.

Pat, James B. and others who use the term "conspiracy theorist" to attack people who want the truth about 9/11:

Look up the definition of conspiracy.

One more thing: In real debates, you cannot use words like "looney" or "crazy" or "stupid" to rebut legitemate arguments. I challenge Pat, James b., or anyone else to take "9/11 Scholars for Truth" up on their challenge for a real televised debate so you can silence them once and for all.


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