Friday, April 20, 2007

Better Than Average Truther Event At Chico State

A pro-peace group at Chico State is putting on a weeklong series of lectures and films, including Improbable Collapse, 9-11 and Empire, and 9-11 Myths and Realities with David Ray Griffin. But look how they lead off their week:

Now that's a Truth Group that might actually be deserving of the name!

Update: Okay, spoke too soon. Here's some grumbling by one of the Chico State Deniers at 9-11 Blogger:

Although it is not a pure "9/11 Truth" conference, since an attempt at a 'balanced presentation' was demanded by some anti-9/11 Truth zealots on campus, there will still be a fair amount of 9/11 Truth information presented. We will also be handing out 9/11 Truth flyers at all events. Check the event notice link for a schedule.

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