Thursday, April 19, 2007

Notes on the Comments

We are switching to Haloscan for our comments, both because they have cooler features, and because they allow us a bit more control over the comments. As it says up above we pretty much have open comments, so we make no promise as to the content of the comments that people put up. In fact we openly warn you that much of it is bull.

That said, this does not mean that we will allow people to be disruptive. This is not the Loose Change Forum, we are not going to start banning people just because they disagree with us, in fact we openly invite disagreement. However if you do things like massive spamming, personal threats, or post personal information, which ruin the experience for everyone else, you run the risk of having your comments deleted, receiving a warning, or possibly being banned entirely. We are not your mothers, and we may not get around to going over everyone's post with a fine tooth comb. Keep in mind that this is not a forum, it is a blog. We post our opinions and things we find interesting, and we invite people to come here and comment on them, but this is not an open forum where everyone is guaranteed an equal voice. If someone happens to get caught for one thing, and someone doesn't for something similar, oh well, that is life. Don't come whining to us.

That said, hopefully you will all be mature adults, and we can have as free and respectful exchange of opinion as possible.