Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bermas Busted?

That's the news over at 9-11 Blogger; I'll update as reports come in:

In early reports from the scene, Jason Bermas of Loose Change, and Matt of WeAreChange, were arrested while confronting Rudy Giuliani's spindoctor on whether or not he had read the "homework" he got from Ron Paul. These are early reports, but it's all we've got so far.


Update: The punk getting busted is Matt Lepacek, apparently a Luke Rudkowksi wannabe. Jason reportedly not arrested.

They need to stop allowing these kooks into the debates. One of them is all set to go Taxi Driver, no doubt in my mind.

Update: More details.

Though CNN staff members tried to persuade police not to arrest the accredited reporter-- in violation of the First Amendment, Lepacek was taken to jail. The police station told JonesReport.com that Lepacek is being charged with felony criminal trespass.

Lepacek did receive one phone call in jail which he used to contact reporter Luke Rudkowski. According to Rudkowski, Lepacek was scared because he had been told he may be transferred to a secret detention facility because state police were also considering charges of espionage against him-- due to a webcam Lepacek was using to broadcast live at the event. State police considered it to be a hidden camera, which led to discussion of "espionage."

FEMA Death Camp! FEMA Death Camp!

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