Friday, June 08, 2007

The Hawk On The Kooks

My longtime blogger buddy, John Hawkins of Right Wing News, has a Townhall column today about the 9-11 Denial Movement.

So why have these conspiracy theories managed to spread? In large part because most serious commentators usually think it's beneath them to actually take the time to respond to the conspiracy theorists. The problem with that is that the nuts end up dominating the conversation by default because the sane, knowledgeable people tend to opt out of the conversation.

The other big problem is that conspiracy theorists use a style of argumentation that tends to baffle a lot of people. What the "truthers" and other assorted nuts do is ignore the big picture and focus on small things.

John's been doing yeoman work debunking Jerome Corsi's crackpot ideas about the North American Union. He's one of the best writers on the conservative side of the blogosphere.

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