Sunday, July 15, 2007

What Sort of Man Listens to Alex Jones?

I listened some more to Alex's 7/11/07 show (the one with Cindy Sheehan expounding on false-flag attacks), and this part gave me quite a chuckle. Larry in Idaho gets on the phone to give two points. First, the West Wing of the White has has recently been renovated; Larry fears that's where the attack will come (because the part of the Pentagon that was hit was recently renovated).

But better is the second point. Larry says:

"I've got an inheritance coming, and I've almost got it. But I've been--these oil people are so against what I'm going to do, that they've threatened me and I've had the FBI pick a couple of them up, stuff like that, but I need to send you some documents to prove what I'm saying.


"Haven't you faxed those to me? I've gotten a bunch of stuff from you. What is it, fourteen million dollars or something?

No, no, it's $18.5 million, my uncle was killed in a plane wreck."

By this point, a little bell was going off in my head. A wealthy relative killed in a plane wreck? Let me guess, a kindly bank auditor had contacted Larry by email to notify him of his good fortune?

Sure enough, Jones blows him off the line and when they come back from break, he says:

"You know, I just talked to that nice fellow, Larry in Idaho, he called back in and got back in, and it was what I thought, he's going to tell me about Nigeria and he didn't believe me that the emails you get from Nigeria and you send them a couple thousand bucks and you're going to get $18.5 million and you call them back and they say send more and you're going to get it and if people won't listen, I just can't help it anymore."

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