Friday, August 31, 2007

Did Cindy Sheehan Sign a Petition Later Altered?

Heheh, these folks never fail to find a way to shoot themselves in the foot. Cindy Sheehan and several others apparently discovered that The "Kennebunkport Warning" they signed there had words changed after their signature.

To Whom It May Concern:

Each of us were approached during the rally at the Kennebunkport event on August 25, 2007, to sign a statement calling for the immediate impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney. Since then, the statement has been altered and posted on the internet, making it appear as if we have evidence that this administration will carry out a "false-flag terror operation."

None of us have such evidence, and therefore, none of us signed a statement stating that we do.

We wish the authors of the document well in continuing much needed investigations of all aspects of 9/11.


Jamilla El-Shafei Cindy Sheehan Dahlia Wasfi Ann Wright

Yes, you know, the old "Good luck even though you effectively forged our signatures to a document we did not believe in."

Update: More coverage of this matter from the "Truther" perspective at Winter Patriot and Arabesque.

The Arabesque post in particular seems to be written from a legitimately skeptical state of mind; unfortunately that disappears when it comes time to reach a conclusion:

Discrediting activist groups is a historical part of FBI CoIntelPro operations, and the Kennebunkport Warning Hoax appears to be another stunning example. A previous example was the “controlled demolition” of Scholars for 9/11 truth by none other than Jim Fetzer, who is also closely involved in this credibility attack. He was interviewed by Tarpley shortly after the Hoax Warning was submitted to 911blogger:

There is also this oddity in Arabesque's post:

No serious 9/11 Truth Activists believe that the WTC towers were destroyed with Space Weapons and this appears to be a ‘guilt by association’ smear. The theory has been debunked many times—by Dr. Greg Jenkins, myself, and others.

Que? Isn't Arabesque really Dr Greg Jenkins? (Update: Apparently not, as a couple of people have told me they are separate people.)

At any rate those posts don't change my opinion, which is that the underlying charge doesn't really matter; what matters is that the "Truth" movement has managed to shoot itself in the foot yet again.

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