Friday, August 31, 2007

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling....

David Ray Griffin gets the boot from a Dublin club where he was scheduled to speak.

But it gets even better. Guess who was hosting the event? Our old buddy, Morgan (116 votes) Stack. And guess why Griffin got the bum's rush? Because it turns out that Morgan likes to spread anti-Jewish propaganda like this:

"A Beautiful Mind" was filmed before 911, in early 2001, but it was released after 911 - did the Hollywood Jews who made the movie know about 911 in advance, then brainwash us out of figuring it out? Come to think of it, was the whole attack a number game, in which the feds had spent years preparing us to call Big Brother in a national "911 call" in response to a "911 attack?” Is Hollywood part of a psychological operation?

The film was released on a very special date (and we've already seen how well dates can code): December 21st 2001. OK, try the number-code tricks I taught you above (see link, ed) and find the numeric sequence 12/21/21! The "Jewish" number 12, then 12 reversed - twice! It's all 12 permutations! Well, it's plenty tricky, but this has been a tricky infowar - at least to those of us (like Ghost Troop) with beautiful minds!

Ghost troop? Did he say Ghost Troop? Why, there's a name I just stumbled across recently... here:

Subject: Re: Holocaust Fundamentalism - You WILL Believe--By Mark Green
Dear Mr. Green,

I read with great interest your essay "Holocaust Fundamentalism - You WILL Believe" just now, and am eager to forward it to Ghost Troop, my associates (military veterans and civilian supporters). We have come to be astute in the importance of body-count numbers to political purposes, and aren't a bit surprised to find that thoughtful men like you are questioning "official reality" in the Holocaust.

Please pass the word about Ghost Troop along. We have had over 3 million hits on our publications in our thirty months of operations, and our name has spread. We took on the name to haunt the traitors who continue to betray their country and the memory of its dead sons and daughters -- and it is working.

Best regards, and good luck with your scholarship!

Captain May / Ghost Troop

Captain May? Captain "Nuke Portland" May?

Kudos to Aidan O'Brien, who I strongly suspect is an old buddy of ours! I'll raise a pint in your honor!

Oh, and if you want to know about the nutty numbers thing mentioned in May's email, go here:

Ninth paragraph:

"Since Nov. 1, wildfires have consumed more than 380,000 acres, destroyed 220 homes and businesses and killed two people."

This decodes to 111, then 11, then 22, then 2. Connect 22 with 2 and get 222; then reduce the 222 to 111. Now connect the date 111 with the acres 11 with the (modified) destroyed homes/people 111 to get 11111111.


Update: Check out the comments section over at 9-11 Blogger:

speaking on "Myths vs Reality" cuts a little too close to home for some. Can't have the Sheep questioning historic or religious myths. After all, that's a double edge Sword for Zionists.

That comment has been voted up three points. This one gets five net votes:

..and remember not all zionists are Jewish (many Christians are) and not all jews are zionists, like Rabbi Weiss from "Jews United Against Zionism" for example.

..and this raises one EXTREMELY interesting question :
are "jews" against 9-11 truth and if yes then WHY ?
clearly, they don't have anything to hide, do they ?

Plus four.

Chuck Sheen pops in to post two anti-Israel documentaries, because, you know, it's a terrible lie that the Truthers are anti-Semitic at all.

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