Sunday, November 11, 2007

And Another Common Troofer Claim Bites the Dust

When you ask the kooks how could everybody keep a secret, almost without fail they will mention the Manhattan Project. Of course, there's a big difference; those who worked on the Manhattan Project were unambiguously working on the side of American interests; if 9-11 were really an inside job, there would be quite a bit of ambiguity in the minds of even the most ardent neocons.

And, of course, not everybody on the Manhattan Project kept quiet.

On Nov. 2, the Kremlin startled Western scholars by announcing that President Vladimir V. Putin had posthumously given the highest Russian award to a Soviet agent who penetrated the Manhattan Project to build the atom bomb.

The announcement hailed Dr. Koval as “the only Soviet intelligence officer” to infiltrate the project’s secret plants, saying his work “helped speed up considerably the time it took for the Soviet Union to develop an atomic bomb of its own.”

And Koval was not alone:

Over the years, scholars and federal agents have identified a half-dozen individuals who spied on the bomb project for the Soviets, especially at Los Alamos in New Mexico. All were “walk ins,” spies by impulse and sympathetic leaning rather than rigorous training.

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