Monday, November 12, 2007

Finished Watching Final Cut

It's on Google Video complete here. There's a lot that's debunkable despite Dylan's claims to the contrary. For example, Dylan makes his usual hyperbolic claims that are debunked right on the screen. He claims that items from Flight 93 survived in "pristine" condition. Like this Saudi driver's license:

Don't buy anything in "mint" condition from Dylan!

On the positive side, he does at least make more of an attempt to show both sides of some issues, like the Pentagon, and the fires at WTC-7, although he swerves right back into the CT nonsense. We get the tiresome claim that WTC 7 did only limited damage to other buildings. Yeah, limited damage like this, to the Verizon building:

I don't get the fascination with the supposed "bomb-proof" nature of the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management. Surely he doesn't think that would protect the 23rd floor when the building collapsed from down below? He notes that Chief Nigro set up a collapse perimeter around WTC 7 but never explains what this means (that the collapse was not a surprise to professional firemen).

Lots more discussion of this movie to come.