Sunday, November 11, 2007

WTC Section

Dylan claims that the Towers were designed to withstand multiple hits from a 707. That's ridiculous. It's true that Frank DeMartini said that he thought the buildings could withstand multiple hits, but it was not designed for that.

Hilariously Dylan sticks with the indicated claims that the WTC towers were not hit by American Flight 11 and United 175, by highlighting again the eyewitnesses that said the plane was a smaller plane and a commuter plane. Helloooo!

We get the usual crap about how they don't explain what happened after the collapse started. Dylan does try to do an amusing straddle on the "into their own footprint" claim; he says that except for the debris that was pushed outward, the buildings collapsed into their own footprint. No fooling, since you've sort of covered all possibilities. We get the path of greatest resistance crap; apparently these folks think that it would have been easier for the buildings to topple over.

Update: And my copy of the flash video runs out at 1:15.