Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Does Bob Bowman Still Wear Bell Bottoms?

We haven't heard much from Colonel Bob lately, but apparently he is going retro, because I thought all of these "The oil company is hiding the carburetor that gets 150 MPH gallon" urban legends went out of style in the late 70s. Here he is on Kevin Barrett's radio show last night about 42 minutes in.

There are a lot of folks who believe that we got energy secrets from the UFOs that have been kept under wraps by the Pentagon. I am completely agnostic on all that. But I do know that there are certainly better batteries and there are ways to have better electric and super hybrid vehicles that would enormously slash the amount of gasoline that would be required.

Yeah, tell that to Toyota. I found it amusing that he is agnostic on the whole alien technology thing. Guess what else he claimed to be agnostic on, on national TV no less? Yeah, on what happened on 9/11. So you heard it here first, one of the leading figures of the 9/11 denial movement rates their theories as convincing as those regarding secret alien powerplants.

Richard Gage is actually the guest for the second hour, when I get a chance I will have to see if he has come up with anything to say that he hasn't just read on the Internet.

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