Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Late To the Party

Jenny seems to think--strike that. Jenny seems to feel that we have insufficiently covered the Truth Action Forum's attempts to clean house. We covered extensively their efforts in the Kennebunkport Warning fiasco, coming down squarely on their side and opposing Webster Tarpley.

Now they have moved on to Kevin Barrett. It is certainly enjoyable to see the Truth Jihadi getting hauled on the carpet, but jeez, if they'd been reading our site they'd have known about his negative qualities long ago. I apologize if this is ancient history to a lot of you.

They discuss:

Kevin's Holocaust Denial. Jeez, we caught onto that in February.

Captain Eric May is a numerologist and anti-Semite.

Barbara Honegger is a Munchkin.

Of course, this being the Troofers, they bring up some of the "good" things Kevin Barrett has done, like expose the Franklin Coverup.